Super Junior’s Leeteuk celebrates 2,000th day since debut with fans

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In celebration of Super Junior’s 2,000th day on April 28th, leader Leeteuk left a special message for E.L.F.s through his personal Twitter.

On the 29th, he tweeted, “2,000 days since our debut. I still have so many things that I want to do, it just isn’t enough yet. To all of the E.L.F.s all over the world that have given us so much love! I would like to genuinely thank you. I love you.”

Leeteuk also shared more good news, “We placed #1 in pre-orders for our Japanese singles and were also chosen as national brands by BCC. We’ll become even more humble and work even harder.”

Fans replied, “Congratulations on your 2,000th day, let’s go all the way to 10,000 days together!”, “Super Junior forever”, and “I will always be an E.L.F. with Super Junior.”


Heechul, Daniel, and Jisu reveal they’re Rania fanboys

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Dalmatian’s Daniel and Jisu recently appeared on Heechul’s radio program “Young Street“, and the three bonded while talking about rookie group Rania.

Heechul first started the conversation by asking the two, “So what group do you guys think is good these days?” Daniel shyly asked, “Girl groups?” and then went on to say,”These days I think…” – unfortunately, he was cut off by DJ Heechul. He confidently blurted out, “Rania.” The three boys then fist-bumped each other joyfully after finding out that they were all Rania fanboys.

Daniel and Jisu even sang a part of “Dr. Feel Good“. Heechul commented, “They’re very powerful. I like ‘cool’ things and they have one distinct concept so I like them.”

Shin Dong Yup & Super Junior’s Leeteuk cast as double MCs for “50 Million Great Questions”

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Shin Dong Yup and Super Junior’s Leeteuk have both been chosen as the new double MCs for tvN’s new entertainment program, “50 Million Great Questions“!

The new variety show holds a survey asking various questions on the images of stars with 10,000 Koreans to represent the 50 million people of Korea. Included in the show is a panelist of professionals that aid the stars in figuring out an image they had with the public that even they didn’t know.

Known for their quick reactions and friendliness, the two MCs will be heading this interesting new show. Leeteuk stated, “I’m glad to be able to work as a double MC with senior Shin Dong Yup, whom I’ve always admired. I’ll be working as comfortably as possible with all of the guests on the show.”

PD Cho Sung Bum stated, “The combination of Shin Dong Yup and Leeteuk will be explosive. They’re known for being close, so we’re all anticipating how they’ll be working together.”

The show’s pilot episode will air on May 6th at 12 AM KST.

Super Junior-M to perform at MTV’s “EXIT Concert” in Thailand

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Super Junior-M will be performing in Thailand this June for MTV’s “EXIT Concert“!

Through their official website, MTV revealed, “The free outdoor concert will be headlined by Korean megastars, Super Junior, best known for their international smash-hit, “Sorry Sorry“; it will be held at Chiang Mai’s 700-Year Stadium. Thailand’s top artists will also perform at the concert, which is expected to attract over 20,000 local music fans.”

Super Junior-M will be performing a total of five tracks, including their hit, “Sorry Sorry“. The members commented, “It’s an honor for us to be able to perform at such a meaningful concert once again. We hope that we can aid in delivering the concert’s message of protecting rights.”

(* There seems to be a conflict of which actual group is performing as the official website lists Super Junior while news articles like the above puts it as Super Junior-M.)

SJ-M “Perfection” Repackaged Album Cover

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SUPER JUNIOR’s license stand at Discover Korea’s Delicious Secret

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Ryeowook Twitter Update

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When they have break time, I asked the high school students to take a photo with me ^-^Thanks

[INFO] HanGeng release a Japanese Version of Geng Xin on April 20th in Japan.

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Including DVD with 3 MVs 

  • Fire
  • Say No
  • Umbrella
VIA: TWITTER  @hangengSJ_Line

Ryeowook Twitter Photo update

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Super Junior to Release “BONAMANA” in Japan

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It has been announced that in June, Super Junior will be releasing a Japanese version of their hit track “BONAMANA” as a single, and will be participating in a Japanese commercial as well.

“Super Junior’s Complete Invasion of Japan!”

On April 25th, it was announced that the Korean multi-entertainment group Super Junior will be releasing a Japanese version of their hit album, “BONAMANA”, in Japan this June under the translated name of “Bijin”, which also means “Beauty”.

It has also been reported that they will be making their Japanese television debut in a commercial for a popular Japanese convenience store franchise, “Circle K Sunkus”. In promotion of the chain’s “South Korea Fair”, which will take place from May 17th to June 13th and will make common Korean dishes available to the Japanese public, Super Junior will be participating in a commercial for the event. The commercial, which will begin airing on the 17th, will feature their Japanese released title track “Bijin”.

Operating under AVEX Trax, “Bijin” will be released for digital download on May 18th through “Recochoku”, with the album release following on June 8th.

The album will be released in two versions, a limited edition which includes a DVD as well as other collectibles, and a CD only release which will also include goods, as seen below:


1. “Bijin” (BONAMANA) Japanese Version
2. “Bijin” (BONAMANA) Korean Version
3. “Bijin: (BONAMANA) (Instrumental)
1. “Bijin” (BONAMANA) Live Version
2. “Bijin” (BONAMANA) Korean Version Music Video
3. Circle K Sunkus CM
(Will include an image card featuring 1 of 15 random designs, as well as an 8 page image booklet)


1. “Bijin” (BONAMANA) Japanese Version
2. “Bijin” (BONAMANA) Korean Version
3. “Bijin” (BONAMANA) (Instrumental)
1. “Bijin” (BONAMANA) Japanese Ver.
・Image card – 1 of 15 image cards
・Replicated member signature
・A mini-poster featuring the Japanese lyrics

In regards to their upcoming commercial, and the subsequent release of “Bijin”, Super Junior commented, “We would like you to get to know us a little better through our CM.”

Source : Sanspo, Tower Records Japan

Via : GoKpop 

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