a letter about Hangeng from an E.L.F

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I wanna share this to all ELFs who still can’t let Hangeng oppa go.

Hangeng, we let you go…

Boys in The City 3. Maybe this is the last memories for us that can see Hangeng and 13elieve.
How about future? 12? 11? Or 10? Not knowing…
A man called Hangeng, was born in China. 9th February 1984 grew up to be a handsome man, good at cooking, good at dancing, and has a beautiful voice… He is Hankyung of Super Junior.

Have u ever think if somedy that ‘Super Junior’ name will be taken out? Name ‘Hankyung’ will also be changed with Hangeng, not Hankyung. Forever he’ll be a Chinese who doesn’t need ‘super junior’ name again..
Hangeng is Hangeng. Started his debut in 2005 as a Super Junior member. You know Super Junior? SuJu who always believe that they will always be 13. But the fate doesn’t say so.
Hangeng had to leave SuJu. It started in the beginning of December 2009. We all got shocked about that news Hangeng left SuJu.. How could..
But a few couple of days before Hangeng still be with the other members, still went to the GDA 2009. He was still at the stage with SuJu.Hangeng was still shouted ‘URI – SYUPEJUNI-OEYO!’ With other members.
But now? We never see him between all SuJu members. Now we never heard his voice in Super Junior’s songs. Now we never see him dancing in the front..
What are you guys feeling? Miss him? Angry?
So many teard had fallen to Hangeng. So many prays from us to Hangeng, so many voices shouted for Hangeng, but what we get? Hangeng doesn’t listen to us.. Now he thinks about his solo career. Now, he needs our support..

Hangeng went to Korea when he was 19. In that age, he still didn’t know anything.. In that age he still doesn’t know about his job. In that age he only could say ‘yes’ and nods his head. But he’s a man now.. He’s now our Hangeng who is 26 years old. Know he can fight. Know is the time for him to say it.

He was trained for 2 years. During that 2 years, there were so many problems he got. He had to practice dance every day, until he didn’t realize that he got a wound in his foot. He realized that he was sick in 3 months later.
Our 19 years old Hangeng was a lonely boy. He used to always cry when he wast thinking bout his family in China. Our 19 years old Hangeng was a strong boy. His problem hadn’t ended yet. He got his visa problem. He had to wear a mask during the concert so the migration police wouldnt arrest him. But he was still happy, he showed his smile to the members because he loves them. Hangeng sat quietly watching the 12 members performed. For 8 months Hangeng couldn’t perform with SuJu members. But he didn’t complain, he kept saying to all people that he was fine.
In the end of 2007, he performed with SuJu members in MNet, his foot was hurt again, but he kept showing his charisma on the stage although Siwon had to help him to go on the stage. When SuJu was performing, Hangeng tried hard to not to show that he felt sick just to be perfect for us..

Hangeng made us worry…
Hangeng is an angel sent to us..

And now.. We all know that he is sick..
Not his foot anymore.. But his body feels weak..
He got kidney..
Hangeng couldn’t help but showed his slave contract
Hangeng left super junior for his justice..

If we keep forcing him to be back to SuJu, it will hurting him..
If we keep forcing him, it’s like we’re killing him..
Hangeng is building his own career..
Hangeng is saying goodbye to us..
Hangeng is not Hankyung anymore..
We have to let him go..
We have to let him to be happy..
Let him go to his own country..
Let him go wherever he wants..
Let him to smile not just for ELFs, but for others too..
It’s better if we feel the sick, but not Hangeng..
It’s better if we cry, but don’t let Hangeng cry..

Someday, we have to be prepare to see Heechul’s tears..
Someday, there won’t be HanChul moments anymore..
Someday, we won’t see Beijing Fried Rice anymore..
Someday, there won’t be Hankyung Super Junior..
Soneday, Hangeng will be with his own career..

If someday, Super Junior will meet Hangeng, we’ll see a lot of tears falling..
Heechul will cry in Hangeng’s hug..
I’m sure it’ll happens..

Hangeng, will you hear this for the last time?
If you’re not a Super Junior member anymore, please let us see you perform on the stage with 12 members just once..
If you’re not a Super Junior member anymore, please let us see you shout ‘URI NEUN SUPE JUNI-OEYEO!’ For the last time..
If you’re not a Super Junior member anymore, please keep on your mind that you really love your family, Super Junior, please keep on your mind that you have your Everlasting Friends..
If you’re not a Super Junior member anymore, please keep smiling and being happy..

Hangeng, please believe that we keep believing that you’re always be Super Junior member no matter what..
Hangeng, we really miss your pure smile..
We’ll keep praying for you..

miss the 13 Super Junior

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