Han Geng starts a fashion trend hand in hand with Yishion

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28th April 2011

Recently, an Asian brand, YISHION worked with the King of Asia, Han Geng and started the happy journey of introducing the fashion in summer 2011. With the theme of ‘YISHION Fashion, even (geng) trendier even (geng) faster’, at the contract conference of YISHION and Han Geng, they released the summer series of YISHION TEEBOX fashion tees. A limited creative tee of 5 different themes was introduced at the conference. Interesting graphics, fashionable elements, new designs allowed the brand new YISHION TEEBOX to release its charm. At the first time, being endorsed by Han Geng, the popular King of Asia, it gives YISHION TEEBOX an additional feel of being fashionable and lively.

Han Geng portrays the image and content of Yishion perfectly. Han Geng, who is handsome and full of attitude, his astonishing talent for music and dancing allowed him to become the most anticipated artiste of the media. In addition, Han Geng’s persistence towards music had touched and motivated many youths, this made Han Geng a really popular and fashionable idol. In many hearts, Han Geng’s images of being healthy, out-going, energetic and passionate about charity are his most significant traits. It is also because of these that made the perfect contract between Han Geng and Yishion. His handsome outlook, energetic body and healthy image matched with the qualities of Yishion Fashion. Han Geng’s personality, talented and his experiences represented the spirit of pursuing dreams, showing oneself, willing to challenge and leading the trend of many youths, these are exactly what Yishion is expressing. According to related staffs in the industry, Han Geng is especially critical when it comes to taking endorsement. This time, he endorsed Yishion is because of Yishion’s strong strength and influences in the industry and it is also due to that the qualities of both Han Geng and Yishion matched each other. Han Geng expressed at the press conference: ‘I understand that Yishion is a very professional brand. It is able to provide a comprehensive profile and products that caters to all youths. I hope that through this endorsement, I can pass over the happiness, enthusiasm of Yishion to all youths.’

Han Geng, who just became the brand spokesmen of Yishion was deeply attracted to Yishion’s unique series, YISHION TEEBOX. Being the trend leader, Han Geng is especially interested in the details of the designs. As for YISHION TEEBOX, their qualities matched with Han Geng’s healthy and enthusiastic image. His trendy outlook also complemented with the status of the clothing line, therefore, it is understandable that it became the top choice of Han Geng.

: full credit to sujumiraclepress

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