Hankyung twitter update !

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new twitter posted by Hankyung made all ELFs happy. there’s also ELFs commented on this photo, showing their love to Hanchul and many of them want hankyung to back in Super Junior.

so, what do you think about the photo ELFs ? do you miss Hankchul ?



Han Geng starts a fashion trend hand in hand with Yishion

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28th April 2011

Recently, an Asian brand, YISHION worked with the King of Asia, Han Geng and started the happy journey of introducing the fashion in summer 2011. With the theme of ‘YISHION Fashion, even (geng) trendier even (geng) faster’, at the contract conference of YISHION and Han Geng, they released the summer series of YISHION TEEBOX fashion tees. A limited creative tee of 5 different themes was introduced at the conference. Interesting graphics, fashionable elements, new designs allowed the brand new YISHION TEEBOX to release its charm. At the first time, being endorsed by Han Geng, the popular King of Asia, it gives YISHION TEEBOX an additional feel of being fashionable and lively.

Han Geng portrays the image and content of Yishion perfectly. Han Geng, who is handsome and full of attitude, his astonishing talent for music and dancing allowed him to become the most anticipated artiste of the media. In addition, Han Geng’s persistence towards music had touched and motivated many youths, this made Han Geng a really popular and fashionable idol. In many hearts, Han Geng’s images of being healthy, out-going, energetic and passionate about charity are his most significant traits. It is also because of these that made the perfect contract between Han Geng and Yishion. His handsome outlook, energetic body and healthy image matched with the qualities of Yishion Fashion. Han Geng’s personality, talented and his experiences represented the spirit of pursuing dreams, showing oneself, willing to challenge and leading the trend of many youths, these are exactly what Yishion is expressing. According to related staffs in the industry, Han Geng is especially critical when it comes to taking endorsement. This time, he endorsed Yishion is because of Yishion’s strong strength and influences in the industry and it is also due to that the qualities of both Han Geng and Yishion matched each other. Han Geng expressed at the press conference: ‘I understand that Yishion is a very professional brand. It is able to provide a comprehensive profile and products that caters to all youths. I hope that through this endorsement, I can pass over the happiness, enthusiasm of Yishion to all youths.’

Han Geng, who just became the brand spokesmen of Yishion was deeply attracted to Yishion’s unique series, YISHION TEEBOX. Being the trend leader, Han Geng is especially interested in the details of the designs. As for YISHION TEEBOX, their qualities matched with Han Geng’s healthy and enthusiastic image. His trendy outlook also complemented with the status of the clothing line, therefore, it is understandable that it became the top choice of Han Geng.

: full credit to sujumiraclepress

Hankyung and Super Junior M perform on the same stage

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Hankyung and Super Junior M participated in a recording of the show “Happiness Under the Blue Sky – China Dreams Show”. They performed on the same stage for the first time since Hankyung left Super Junior M.

Super Junior M and former member, Hankyung, participated in the recording of the show “Happiness Under the Blue Sky – China Dreams Show”. The show helps fans realize their dreams. The two performed on the same stage for the first time since Hankyung left the group, causing the questions asked of the two to focus on the drama surrounding their split.

Super Junior M’s managers did not allow the topic of conversation to include Hankyung. Any questions regarding him had to be screened by their management beforehand. The group performed their hit song “Super Girl”, a song Hankyung was involved with, creating drama amongst netizens.

Hankyung did not have the same restrictions regarding questioning about the controversy between him and his former band. He expressed that he doesn’t like to dwell on their past history. “Maybe every company have a different way of dealing with problems, even though I broke away from the team, we still keep in contact in private!” he revealed. He explained that this was not a reunion, but was just meant to help a fan realize her dream. He also urged fans not to rely on their parent’s money to buy his music, but to work hard in school so they can buy their own music on their own.

[INFO] HanGeng release a Japanese Version of Geng Xin on April 20th in Japan.

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Including DVD with 3 MVs 

  • Fire
  • Say No
  • Umbrella
VIA: TWITTER  @hangengSJ_Line

Super Junior hardest moments

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Super Junior are strong. they keep going on although a lot of things happen to them. maybe one day, they will split up, but they will always be remembered as one of the greatest band E.L.F ever supported. forever it will always be 13 of Super Junior. we always hope and pray that Hangeng will be back and join them. We love you guys ! ❤ saranghae oppa!

a letter about Hangeng from an E.L.F

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I wanna share this to all ELFs who still can’t let Hangeng oppa go.

Hangeng, we let you go…

Boys in The City 3. Maybe this is the last memories for us that can see Hangeng and 13elieve.
How about future? 12? 11? Or 10? Not knowing…
A man called Hangeng, was born in China. 9th February 1984 grew up to be a handsome man, good at cooking, good at dancing, and has a beautiful voice… He is Hankyung of Super Junior.

Have u ever think if somedy that ‘Super Junior’ name will be taken out? Name ‘Hankyung’ will also be changed with Hangeng, not Hankyung. Forever he’ll be a Chinese who doesn’t need ‘super junior’ name again..
Hangeng is Hangeng. Started his debut in 2005 as a Super Junior member. You know Super Junior? SuJu who always believe that they will always be 13. But the fate doesn’t say so.
Hangeng had to leave SuJu. It started in the beginning of December 2009. We all got shocked about that news Hangeng left SuJu.. How could..
But a few couple of days before Hangeng still be with the other members, still went to the GDA 2009. He was still at the stage with SuJu.Hangeng was still shouted ‘URI – SYUPEJUNI-OEYO!’ With other members.
But now? We never see him between all SuJu members. Now we never heard his voice in Super Junior’s songs. Now we never see him dancing in the front..
What are you guys feeling? Miss him? Angry?
So many teard had fallen to Hangeng. So many prays from us to Hangeng, so many voices shouted for Hangeng, but what we get? Hangeng doesn’t listen to us.. Now he thinks about his solo career. Now, he needs our support..

Hangeng went to Korea when he was 19. In that age, he still didn’t know anything.. In that age he still doesn’t know about his job. In that age he only could say ‘yes’ and nods his head. But he’s a man now.. He’s now our Hangeng who is 26 years old. Know he can fight. Know is the time for him to say it.

He was trained for 2 years. During that 2 years, there were so many problems he got. He had to practice dance every day, until he didn’t realize that he got a wound in his foot. He realized that he was sick in 3 months later.
Our 19 years old Hangeng was a lonely boy. He used to always cry when he wast thinking bout his family in China. Our 19 years old Hangeng was a strong boy. His problem hadn’t ended yet. He got his visa problem. He had to wear a mask during the concert so the migration police wouldnt arrest him. But he was still happy, he showed his smile to the members because he loves them. Hangeng sat quietly watching the 12 members performed. For 8 months Hangeng couldn’t perform with SuJu members. But he didn’t complain, he kept saying to all people that he was fine.
In the end of 2007, he performed with SuJu members in MNet, his foot was hurt again, but he kept showing his charisma on the stage although Siwon had to help him to go on the stage. When SuJu was performing, Hangeng tried hard to not to show that he felt sick just to be perfect for us..

Hangeng made us worry…
Hangeng is an angel sent to us..

And now.. We all know that he is sick..
Not his foot anymore.. But his body feels weak..
He got kidney..
Hangeng couldn’t help but showed his slave contract
Hangeng left super junior for his justice..

If we keep forcing him to be back to SuJu, it will hurting him..
If we keep forcing him, it’s like we’re killing him..
Hangeng is building his own career..
Hangeng is saying goodbye to us..
Hangeng is not Hankyung anymore..
We have to let him go..
We have to let him to be happy..
Let him go to his own country..
Let him go wherever he wants..
Let him to smile not just for ELFs, but for others too..
It’s better if we feel the sick, but not Hangeng..
It’s better if we cry, but don’t let Hangeng cry..

Someday, we have to be prepare to see Heechul’s tears..
Someday, there won’t be HanChul moments anymore..
Someday, we won’t see Beijing Fried Rice anymore..
Someday, there won’t be Hankyung Super Junior..
Soneday, Hangeng will be with his own career..

If someday, Super Junior will meet Hangeng, we’ll see a lot of tears falling..
Heechul will cry in Hangeng’s hug..
I’m sure it’ll happens..

Hangeng, will you hear this for the last time?
If you’re not a Super Junior member anymore, please let us see you perform on the stage with 12 members just once..
If you’re not a Super Junior member anymore, please let us see you shout ‘URI NEUN SUPE JUNI-OEYEO!’ For the last time..
If you’re not a Super Junior member anymore, please keep on your mind that you really love your family, Super Junior, please keep on your mind that you have your Everlasting Friends..
If you’re not a Super Junior member anymore, please keep smiling and being happy..

Hangeng, please believe that we keep believing that you’re always be Super Junior member no matter what..
Hangeng, we really miss your pure smile..
We’ll keep praying for you..

miss the 13 Super Junior


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Super Junior’s 3D concert movie, “Super Show 3 3D“, has been showing great success at the box office.

According to the Korean Film Commission, the movie has managed to bring in 11,940 audience members within the first four days of its release. For February 25th through the 27th, “Super Show 3 3D” even managed to rank sixth at the box office.

Various other singers have put out 3D concert movies before, but none have come close to the success that Super Junior is currently enjoying. Amongst others in the ‘3D alternative contents’ genre, the movie has managed to set a best record with its achievements thus far.

A representative of SM Entertainment commented, “Ticket reservations ranked in the top even before the movie’s release, and because of fan requests, we’ve even set up an additional charged preview. We predict more views for ‘Super Show 3 3D’ in the future.”

Leeteuk tweets in reply to Hangeng’s comments about Super Junior

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Hallyu idol and Super Junior’s leader, Lee Teuk, revealed his feelings about former memberHangeng on behalf of the whole team.

Recently, Hangeng held a press conference in Hong Kong to promote his new movie, “Daemusaeng“. During the interview, a reporter asked, “Not long ago, a member of Super Junior was hit and injured by a water bottle during a performance in Shanghai. Did you hear about this?”

Hangeng replied, “I didn’t know. I should call and make sure he is okay.” However, he quickly added,“Actually, I did attempt several times to get in contact… but they ignored my calls,” shocking the public with his controversial answer.

On March 21st, Lee Teuk shared his thoughts about the situation through his Twitter. He tweeted,“The door is always open. There is always an empty seat left for you.” He added, “It would be nice if you told the truth. We have never let go of your hand. I don’t want to be sad because of lies anymore. We are Super Junior!! Still, I wish you happiness,” showing his disappointment towards the situation.

Netizens commented, “I feel so sad for Super Junior”, “Definitely leader-like. Very cool”, and“Hangeng…He’s doing well.”

source : Newsen | allkpop | Worldwide Everlasting Friends ( E.L.F ) Community


*but according to another source, that the Korean article was translated WRONGLY. So this was just misunderstand! how can they did this ? they try to split up the oppas i think. -.-” so this is the truth,

just to clarify, this is what Han Geng said when asked: “(Earlier on, a member of Super Junior was hurt by something in Shanghai?) “I don’t know and I will call to ask. Actually it happened to me before as well but I managed to dodge it.”

Please ignore all purposely false mistranslations going around


*I/we trust Hangeng, I/we trust Eeteuk, and I/we trust Super Junior. sometimes media is exaggerating things or making things up in order to get the public’s’ attention.. we know super junior best and just believe in them ok? 🙂 >> grab from one of the commenters, i like it!  we love OUR Super Junior!


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