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Suju M on Taipei Walker Magazine Interview [ Translated ] [ June2011 ]

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Long Stay- Experiencing Life in Taiwan

Super Junior M are in Taiwan for 2 months of Long Stay and they have finally taken some time out to accept our interview. On the day of the interview, Siwon and Donghae are absent due to their filming schedules for “Skip Beat” but the other 6 members completed the interview professionally. [ WELL OF COURSE ! ]

Q what are your thoughts about the Long Stay?

RW: Taiwan is really fun. We can be really close to the fans, its pretty good.

SM: Taiwanese are really warm.

ZM: Taiwan is a place that is interesting 24/7, in the afternoon you can go to Xi Men Ding, East side, at night, you can go to the night markets.

KH: I seldom go out in my private time but I went to many places of interest when filming so I too felt the charm of Taiwan.

EH: When I haven’t come here, I did feel a little worried, after coming to Taiwan, I felt comfortable living here. If I were to live here again in the future, I would be ok with it.

H: To be able to eat the food that I like, I am extremely happy.

Q: The members have been to the Prawn farm, night markets, any where else?

KH: Ryeowook went to Dan Jiang High School where they filmed Secret. If I have a Taiwanese girlfriend, we can go there together.

*After hearing KH say that EH said: I really wish to go to the fans’ houses.

They explained that they hope to meet Taiwanese friends, so that they can see how they live.

Henry: Because my Mom is from PinTung, hope to bring the members to PinTung so that they can experience the beauty of Southern Taiwan.

RW: Heard that the Zoo in Taipei is huge, I really want to go see.

Q: When you sing Perfection, it sounds like Taiwan Girl, Is this a gift to Taiwanese fans?

ZM: This is a song for fans, it does sound like “Taiwan Girl”. All the fans are the most perfect in our hearts. [Thank you ZM at least you didn’t play favorites…]

Q: In the beginning of April the Taiwanese fans bought an ad to congratulate SJM for their 3rd Anniversary. Did the members get to see it?

RW: On the 8th April, we were all in korea but we saw the video online. Felt very touched.

Q: No matter where the members went, the fans would follow, do you feel inconvenienced?

EH: Very thankful that the fans kept accompanying us be it schedules or outdoor recordings, realised that even though its very late, the fans would still be waiting, and actually I feel very worried for their safety.

Q: Everyone’s mandarin seemed to have improved. Other than ZM and Henry, whose mandarin is the best?

EH: Their mandarin is the worst. Actually my mandarin is really good. But I just didn’t want to show off.

H: Ryeowook & Kyuhyun’s mandarin have improved a lot.

ZM: *earnestly* In the past, KH was the best, but now it is Ryeowook wh is the best, KH ranks 2nd, Sungmin and Eunhyuk are tied at 3.

Q: Living together in Taiwan, who has the worst habits? On the other hand, who follows the rules best?

RW: *loudly* DON’T HAVE!

ZM: The company employed ajummas to help so there isn’t any of such problems.

SM said that he is the most disciplined. Ryeowook agreed.

RW: Sungmin would wake up really early and help everyone wash the laundry [HOMGGGGGGG] and dishes.

ZM: Ryeowook really likes cleanliness and would often help do the laundry.

Q: Of all the members who takes care of everyone else the most?

Kyuhyun didn’t wait for the translation and immediately said “I enabled everyone to be able to go online in the dorm”

H: Kyuhyun turned the dorm into his own internet cafe.

Q: Who is the one who needs others to take care of him the most?

The members all said ” DONGHAE”

Everyone said that Donghae is like a kid, really needs others’ care and concern. [ HOW CUTE ! ]

Super Junior M for Taipei Walker Magazine photoshoot BTS video

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Check out the BTS video of Super Junior M for Taipei Walker Magazine.

If you are from Taiwan,remember to purchase a copy of June’s Taipei Walker Magazine






Henry and Ryeowook twitter update, expressing their sad feeling

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After almost 2 months of staying in Taiwan Super Junior M members finally are heading back to Korea, except for the 2 taiwanese members and Siwon and Donghae who are still left filming “Skip Beat.”
Here is an english translation of what they tweeted.


@ryeong9: It’s raining now… It’s raining in my heart too… Our friends in Taiwan… Please take care… Don’t catch cold… I can’t bear to leave you all… ㅠByebye



@henrylau89: :( saddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

@henrylau89: I will always remember the goodness that everyone for me and SJM, you all should passed smoothly, eat well, the most is to take care yourself~~ Don’t let me feel worry, i will really miss you all for sure~~~ :( :( :(



Source: @ryeong9, @henrylau89

Via: sup3rjunior

Super Junior-M to perform at MTV’s “EXIT Concert” in Thailand

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Super Junior-M will be performing in Thailand this June for MTV’s “EXIT Concert“!

Through their official website, MTV revealed, “The free outdoor concert will be headlined by Korean megastars, Super Junior, best known for their international smash-hit, “Sorry Sorry“; it will be held at Chiang Mai’s 700-Year Stadium. Thailand’s top artists will also perform at the concert, which is expected to attract over 20,000 local music fans.”

Super Junior-M will be performing a total of five tracks, including their hit, “Sorry Sorry“. The members commented, “It’s an honor for us to be able to perform at such a meaningful concert once again. We hope that we can aid in delivering the concert’s message of protecting rights.”

(* There seems to be a conflict of which actual group is performing as the official website lists Super Junior while news articles like the above puts it as Super Junior-M.)

SJ-M “Perfection” Repackaged Album Cover

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Superjunior M 2nd Mini Album 太完美 Repackage CD + DVD @ SGD 24

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With poster

CD 1

01. Taewanmi (太完美; Perfection) _Korean Ver.
02. 太完美 (Perfection)
03. 命运 线 (Destiny)
04. 幸福 微? (Love Is Sweet)
05. 表白 (Off My Mind)
06. True Love
07. 吹 一样 的 风 (My All Is In You)
08. 西风 的 话 – Bonus Track

  • DVD
  • 01. Album Jacket Making Film
  • 02. Music Video Making Film
  • 03. 太完美 Music Video (Chinese Ver.)
  • 04. 太完美 Music Video (Korean Ver.)

Super Junior and Super Junior M won the awards at Global Chinese Golden Charts Awards

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The first-ever Global Chinese Golden Chart Awards, organized by Taiwan’s Hit Radio, was held last night at Taipei Arena, where a list of stars attended and were awarded awards.

Super Junior-M, who is currently in Taipei, couldn’t turn up for the ceremony, but they were still awarded the Most Popular Group award, and they appeared via a video recording to thank their fans for the support. In addition, their parent group, Super Junior, also scooped home the Best Selling J-pop/K-pop Album of the Year for BONAMANA.

SJ-M album info ‘PERFECTION’

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– Super Junior M is releasing their new album “Perfection” to once again take on the Chinese market!
– Released first in Taiwan on February 25th, followed by all Asia!
– Brand new eight-person image, SJ Eunhyuk, Sungmin have been added so fans can be even more excited!
– Includes 35 pages of lyrics + photo booklet, as well one member’s autograph card (8 kinds in total)
– Includes 6 brand-new Chinese songs, including HENRY and Zhou Mi’s compositions “Off my mind” and “True Love,” as well as “Love is Sweet,” written by Jay Chou for Super Junior M

And here’s the tracklist:

1. 太完美 (Perfection)
2. 命運線 (Destiny)
3. 幸福微甜 (Love is sweet)
4. 表白 (Off my mind)
5. True Love
6. 吹一樣的風 (My all is in you)

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