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Awww , you are like an angel when you are asleep ! ❤


Hangeng and Heechul = Hanchul

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Haha 😀

From E.L.F to Super Junior

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Super Junior : 13 as a group 15 as a family

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Farra ; Kibum representer 🙂

Super Junior you are number 1 !

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listen to this!here we go!

super junior,
my endless love,
you’re my happiness,

”sorry sorry,sorry sorry”
i am crazy bout u,
can u hear my hear heartbeat ‘boom boom’?

lets go to the pajama party,
and shake it up!
let us rock this house!

let me show u somehow,
i am your SUPER GIRL and in

and~we will live happily everafter!
just like a fairy tales story~~so~~~sweet~~~
to me u are NO OTHER….
sarangheyo suju ♥ ♥ ♥ !!!!

This is what an E.L.F does for Super Junior . She wrote this lyrics for them …

Heechul serenades Rainbow’s Woori on “Strong Heart”

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Heechul had fans screaming when he serenaded Rainbow’s Woori recently.

The ’space superstar’ recently guested on SBS’s “Strong Heart“, and talked about his love problems for the topic, “Are you okay with a man like this?“.

Feeling fairly cheeky, he decided to sing Lee Seung Gi’s “Because You’re My Woman“, but changed the lyrics in the song to “Because Woori is my woman.

Afterwards, Heechul said, “Woori seems cute.. I won’t answer any more public questions.” Woori responded, “This was the first time he has been nice to me. He seems a little different because he’s like this.

Heechul also revealed that his ideal girl is someone with bangs. MC Kang Ho Dong then asked Woori, “Do you have the courage to cover your forehead“, to which she said, “Maybe just once“.

Check out the clips below!

< Solo Cut>

< Full Heechul Cut >


credit : allKpop

Best-5!! Which Planet Are you From? [Pops in Seoul]

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Kim Heechul won #1 !!!! ;D

credit : HeechulSJFacts HeechulSJFacts 

Fight between ELF Malaysia and Malaysian artist finally solved !

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It all happened when Super Junior came to Malaysia for Hari Belia .  Some Malaysians artist were not satisfied  because Super Junior need their own toilet while the rest can’t use  the toilet .  So they released their anger on  twitter . After all this while , it has been posted  at  .  We think Super Junior read it 😦  We don’t know  what happpen , but suddenly we heard that it had been solved . Its like this , Malaysians artist had apologize and now they don’t bother about it anymore *I THINK * ……  SO ELF , CHILL OKAY !  Super Junior know we LOVE them . 

110605 DongHae @TaoYuan Airport

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Final results for “Favourite ABS Guy” revealed!

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The “Favourite Chocolate ABS Guy” poll has ended after 6 days of voting period.

As expected,Siwon from Super Junior won the first place with 9756 votes.

BEAST’s Gikwang and 2PM’s Nichkhun are placed at 2nd and 3rd place respectively.


credit : DKPOP

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